Operations & Supply Chain

Operations & Supply Chain

Whether you need to optimize your workforce, reduce production costs, refine plant utilization, or protect against potential supplier fraud and compliance issues, Kaizen helps you make operational decisions that drive long-term success.

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Areas of Expertise

Design and implement a data driven strategy for workforce planning. Make people and labor related decisions with a holistic view of external and internal drivers.

Kaizen brings deep expertise and experience in demand-driven workforce planning, solutions to measure and improve employee effectiveness and productivity, implementation and migration of WFM systems, and other bespoke human capital analytics solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Leverage data from multiple platforms to fully understand employee experience and ensure budgeted and actual labor costs are in sync.
  • Optimize your workforce planning and scheduling with real-time data to ensure you have the right people in the right roles at the right time.
  • Use data effectively for predictive modeling of attrition, prevent avoidable turnover, compensation analytics, and more.
  • Extract, streamline, and visualize data across your various ERPs and other systems to stay alert to crucial issues and KPIs.

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  • Drive operational efficiencies across the company and supply chain
  • Manage risk and compliance with greater oversights
  • Integrate your data into one unified view with digital traceability, giving you holistic insights into your operations
  • Improve workforce retention to reduce attrition costs, and boost productivity by optimizing workforce planning and scheduling
  • Optimize plant utilization to reduce waste, lower costs, and increase throughput
  • Develop innovative products that rise to meet the future marketplace
  • Rest easier knowing you’ve prepared effective strategies for growth
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and build long-term loyalty

Our Promise


  • Rapid business benefits with Kaizen Agile approach
  • AWS & Microsoft vendor certifications
  • Rapid Cloud Migration Framework
  • Foster continuous improvement


  • Unmatched success in end-to-end execution
  • Realization of value against evolving project challenges
  • Experienced subject matter experts with both deep and broad skills


  • Flexible engagement models
  • Automation and orchestration of work product in proprietary Kaizen Delivery Platform
  • Client team buy-in / adoption / training
  • Leverage industry best practices – including what NOT to do

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