Powerful, Cost Effective Insights

Powerful, Cost Effective Insights

Couple your data with our configurable offerings, analytics engines, and pre-built apps to gain valuable insights in our secure cloud.

The Kaizen AI Platform

We combine our powerful analytics engines with your data to create configurable offerings that meet a variety of use cases, all with flexible output options.

KaizenInsights Dashboards

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Offerings and Insights

Unlock meaningful, actionable insights to achieve business objectives for just about any use case, industry, budget, or level of analytics sophistication.

Legal Predictive Analytics & Reporting

Get fully integrated, insight-driven analytics that forecast and predict key legal matters.

Inventory Management

Reduce inventory and associated costs, as well as meet customer service levels, with optimal inventory level recommendations.

Customer Engagement

Understand your customers and optimize your engagement strategy to increase revenues, retention, conversions, and margins.


Understand your customers and optimize your engagement strategy to increase revenues, retention, conversions, and margins.

Staffing / Operations

Optimize staff/workforce plans to reduce costs, increase guest satisfaction, and gain insights into how to increase employee retention.

Performance Dashboards

Rapidly generated dashboards and reports that help identify trends, provide insights into your business, and serve as forecasts, reports, and briefings.

Anomaly Detection

Detect and quantify the anomolies hidden in your data, summarized in easy-to-use visualizations.

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  • Faster, more informed decisions enabled by insights accessible on demand
  • Time savings through automation of manual processes
  • Create new value by freeing up your team to focus on higher priority activities
  • Easy to understand and convey summary metrics to key stakeholders and executive leadership
  • Consistent status reports on a flexible schedule with current data
  • Consolidate data sources into one view to see the full story

Our Engines

Our analytics engines serve as a range of pre-built accelerators and analytics assets, powering our Kaizen AI Platform offerings!

Forecasting Models

Recommendation Engines

Anomaly Detection Engine

Response Models

Segmentation Models

Data Transformers

Comparator Engine

On-demand refresh of output based on latest data and analytical model results

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