Procurement Fraud Detection Solution


Global Electronics Manufacturer


  • Client was experiencing increasing procurement fraud cases, with concerns in high-risk regions
  • Corporate Audit Committee identified need for improved data and analytics to support fraud
    detection and investigation at scale to reduce fraud risk
  • Existing compliance tools were limited to ad hoc reports and data requests, meaning they were
    highly-manual, time intensive, and took months to refresh


  • Conducted 4-week assessment to review
    available data, evaluate existing tools, and
    prioritize compliance issues/opportunities
  • Delivered Split-PO anomaly detection
    prototype in 5 weeks
  • Automated, on-demand dashboard
    implemented in 2 additional weeks
  • Expanded solution to include supplier
    favoritism detection through risk scoring
    (collusion, COI, kickbacks, etc.)


  • Project payback achieved in one month with
    identification of only 1 Split-PO fraud case
  • 20% improvement in investigation efficiency
  • Fully-qualified fraud cases increased
    by 22%
  • 42% Incremental Procurement Cost Recovery through detection of ‘unseen’ fraud

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