Human Capital Analytics & Optimization

Human Capital Analytics & Optimization

Save time and budget with custom solutions that can handle your unique workforce needs. Drive rapid value with our human capital analytics and optimization services and expertise.


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Solution Overview

Enabling Kronos Migration to UKG Dimensions Architecture

Migration to Kronos Dimensions architecture from its legacy infrastructure is fraught with challenges. Kaizen’s playbook brings principals and cloud SMEs that can simplify the journey and drive rapid value.

Areas of Expertise

Demand-Driven Workforce Management

Optimize your workforce planning and scheduling with real-time data to ensure you have the right people in the right roles at the right time

Demand-Driven Workforce Management
  • Labor forecasts and demand drivers
  • Populate Work Force Management (WFM) system with accurate demand
  • Maximize ROI of WFM platform investments
Employee Effectiveness & Productivity

Leverage data from multiple platforms to fully understand your employees’ experience

Employee Effectiveness & Productivity
  • Productive vs. Non-Productive time
  • Accurately calculate unit labor costs
  • Facilitate budget vs. actual labor costs
Bespoke Human Capital Analytics

Leverage WFM, regulatory, and biological data to mitigate fatigue and comply with predictive scheduling laws

Bespoke Human Capital Analytics
  • Optimization of workforce plan (tactical)
  • Optimization of workforce schedule (operational)
  • Proactive scheduling to mitigate law violations
  • Predictive modeling of attrition to prevent avoidable turnover
  • Design, develop, and deploy DEI programs
  • Compensation analytics
WFM System Migrations

When you’re ready to leave legacy systems for more robust platforms, Kaizen brings the experience you need to manage migrate to platforms effectively and quickly

WFM System Migrations
  • Retain critical functionality not forward-supported through bespoke customizations
  • Drive data conformance to accurately monitor planned vs. actual
  • Align demand drivers with system design and configuration to drive unique KPIs
Platform Integrations

Extract, streamline, and visualize data across your competing integration platforms to stay alert to crucial issues and KPI’s

Platform Integrations
  • Streamline and speed data flows for real-time reports & alerts
  • Manage competing integration platforms
  • Extract siloed data/dashboards to create visibility of critical KPIs


  • Forecast employee attrition to preemptively fill talent gaps
  • Raise productivity and utilization through optimal staffing
  • Minimize burnout and attrition with advanced BI tools
  • Give your C-Suite the expert analysis they need for data-driven decisions
  • Just-In-Time labor allocation to match your supply chain strategy - always supply the right person for the right product or service
  • Allocate resources based on constraints and maximize objectives
  • Customize staffing by location, changing demand, weekdays, employee function, and more
  • Lower labor and operating costs while increasing profitability

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Our Promise


  • Rapid business benefits with Kaizen Agile approach
  • AWS & Microsoft vendor certifications
  • Rapid Cloud Migration Framework
  • Foster continuous improvement


  • Unmatched success in end-to-end execution
  • Realization of value against evolving project challenges
  • Experienced subject matter experts with both deep and broad skills


  • Flexible engagement models
  • Automation and orchestration of work product in proprietary Kaizen Delivery Platform
  • Client team buy-in / adoption / training
  • Leverage industry best practices – including what NOT to do

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