Predictive Analytics Platform

For a global Automotive manufacturer, we created an integrated predictive analytics platform that drives revenue uplift and margin expansion through integrated Finance, Fleet, Pricing, Incentives, and Distribution decisions:

  • How do I establish a decision support platform that is integrated, automated, and trusted for analytics enterprise-wide?
  • How do I transform my culture from “gut-feel” to data-driven decisions?
  • How can I accurately predict my short- and long-term demand by vehicle and geographic area?
  • What impacts do drivers like product lifecycle, price, incentives, competitor actions, and seasonality have on my demand?
  • How do I estimate consumer response to changes in price and incentives by vehicle and geographic area?
  • Based on my strategic objectives, what is my optimal inventory and incentive budget allocations?

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Revenue Management System

A premier theme park operator partnered with Kaizen Analytix to design, develop, and deploy Revenue Management capabilities, driving more revenue and margin across all park revenue streams:

  • How do I construct a Revenue Management platform that supports a variety of revenue streams with different price change frequencies, different business models, and distributed constituents?
  • How can I use prescriptive analytics to optimize prices for items for which I have no historical price change data?
  • How do I quickly gain confidence in and adoption of a science-based approach to price setting?

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Prescriptive Pricing Analytics

A leading US food distributor partners with Kaizen Analytix to advise, develop and deploy machine learning-based analytics to help them answer critical questions such as:

  • What contexts are driving each of my customers’ purchase decisions? What is the willingness to pay of each of my customers?
  • What does a holistic customer account plan look like, given contextual and willingness to pay insights? Where do I drive margin, and where do I drive volume?
  • How do I propel e-Commerce sales by setting market-relevant and margin-accretive prices?
  • How do I unlock growth opportunities with existing customers to generate a greater share-of-wallet?

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Workforce Planning and Optimization

A major entertainment operator turned to us for expert analytics assistance in solving a highly-complex optimization of their workforce. We delivered cost containment while improving customer service ratings by providing answers to tactical and operational questions:

  • Accounting for highly variable operating constraints and fluctuating customer demand, what is my optimal staffing level for each employee type and function within each department…by week for the next 52 weeks?
  • How can I minimize labor costs while supporting an unplanned 10% demand increase?
  • What is the mix of seasonal and temporary employees to accommodate a short-term boost in demand in a lower-than-expected demand period?

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