Enterprise Migration to Amazon OpenSearch


Global Financial Services Company


  • Client’s text searching / IT logging and monitoring capabilities needed to be in
    regulatory compliance
  • Existing provider’s (Elastic Search) capabilities and roadmap posed concern and risk.
    Client needed support migrating from existing provider to new provider (Amazon


  • Led multi-function team in deploying full AWS OpenSearch functionality
  • Designed, built, and deployed architecture with Kaizen Agile process
  • Integrated critical application to the Amazon OpenSearch Service
  • Migrated the existing Kabana dashboards to Amazon OpenSearch dashboards


  • Delivered fully-integrated Amazon OpenSearch solution in 11
  • Successfully created the integration with key enterprise
    applications, with the ability to efficiently aggregate, observe,
    visualize, analyze, and report on logs
  • Patched the distributions to comply with the overall enterprise
    security standards
  • 15-18% IT Log-Analytic Cost Reduction + IT Risk Mitigation

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