Centralized Logging System


Enterprise Workload Automation Software Provider


  • To support shifting market demand, client needed to pivot and offer their on-prem
    software solution as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Needed ability to aggregate and analyze logs from various end-customers running
    client’s solution


  • Enrich logs with appropriate metadata to allow for end-customer delineation and
    sophisticated log analytics for client user base
  • Cloud-native infrastructure consisted of Fluentd, Kafka, Kafka Connect,
    Elasticsearch, and Kibana


  • Client support team able to support all end-customers from a
    single application
  • Enabled rapid resolution of support issues through use of prebuilt frameworks for common use cases
  • Granularity of access controls enabled next-level security
  • Increased Efficiency & Scale of End-Customer Support Team

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