Amazon OpenSearch Service

Amazon OpenSearch Service

Search, visualize, and analyze a variety of data at multi-petabyte scale. Kaizen has the distinction of being a validated and advanced AWS Service Delivery Partner for Amazon OpenSearch Service.


cost avoidance from licensing fees


better price performance from higher hardware efficiencies

operational and downtime costs

visibility and control over security and better compliance

Migrating to Amazon OpenSearch Service with Kaizen

Stop Paying Expensive License Fees and Scale as you need.

Amazon OpenSearch Service is the successor of Amazon Elasticsearch Service. The OpenSearch open-source project is operated with the help of leading contributors of the community-driven, open-source software. On the Amazon OpenSearch Managed instances, you can scale up clusters horizontally or vertically, up to 3 PB of data with zero downtime.

Comply With Requirements.

OpenSearch integrates with a vast array of existing data sets and technologies to collect logs and events in a hybrid and Multicloud environment at scale. It is in full compliance with HIPAA, FedRamp, DoC, PCI, SOC, ISO, CSA STAR , and many more requirements.

Real Time, Actionable Insights.

Connect your fast-data appliances or logging tools with OpenSearch to gain access to real-time dashboards and advanced artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) models.

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Scale up to 200 nodes and 3 petabytes with a managed service that includes autotune, backups, upgrades, patching, failed node replacement, and more.

Amazon OpenSearch is a fully-managed Service that makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale OpenSearch clusters securely and cost-effectively in the AWS Cloud.

Scale up clusters horizontally or vertically, up to 3 PB of data, with zero downtime through a single API call or a few clicks. With this flexibility, Amazon OpenSearch Service can support any workload from single-node development clusters to production-scale, multi-node clusters.

Migration with Kaizen

Kaizen Migration Methodology for Amazon OpenSearch Service

Our methodology serves as an accelerator for Amazon OpenSearch Service migration and is designed to help business functions, IT organizations, and IT infrastructure teams quickly and efficiently migrate their current on-prem / cloud logging solution into Amazon OpenSearch Service using AWS best practices.

Our Kaizen team first understands and assesses current data sources, integrations, reporting, observability, compliance, and security needs. We then create a migration plan, with a focus on business priorities and use cases. Clients reap huge benefits from this approach, which is centered on continuously improving and showing proof of value (POV) at a very early stage. Our Architects work with your IT Infrastructure team to help determine the proper cluster size and plan for future scaling.

Migration Timeline

Use Cases

Migrate your On-Premises or Self-Managed Elasticsearch to Amazon OpenSearch Service.

AWS is making long-term investments in OpenSearch to ensure users continue to have a secure, high-quality, fully open-source search and analytics suite with a rich roadmap of new and innovative functionality. Kaizen has worked with an customer to help them successfully migrate to an AWS-managed OpenSearch Service.

Migrate your Splunk Workloads.

As your logging storage peaks, scale to petabytes with up to 90% cost reduction from Amazon OpenSearch. Splunk’s data ingestion-based fee model can be costly, and it is inhibiting from several perspectives: (1) your ability to advance threat detection using large historical datasets and (2) your ability to build new observability and machine learning features.

Amazon OpenSearch Service’s open-source licensing model allows customers to integrate with their tools of choice from the open-source community. AWS is committed to supporting the community version, and they will provide enhanced features in the months to come.

Migrate your Solr, Algolia, or other Log and Search Solutions.

Amazon OpenSearch Service is feature-rich with robust website and e-commerce search capability, enabling you to migrate other log analytics and search solutions.

Migrating to Amazon OpenSearch Service has helped AWS customers better serve their own customers by using real-time analytics along with distributed full-text search plus an ability to horizontally scale to business needs.

Our AWS Webinar

View the full recording of our webinar (in collaboration with AWS) where our team discussed migration from Elasticsearch to Amazon OpenSearch Service and our unique Kaizen approach.

Why Kaizen

We bring deep Cloud & Advanced Data Analytics expertise with validated experience on log analytics, Amazon OpenSearch migration, and strong AI/ML capabilities. Our engineers help customers build solutions using AWS best practices.
Amazon OpenSearch Service

Looking to migrate your log analytics? Contact us to discuss migration strategies and cost savings opportunities using Amazon OpenSearch Service with one of our Cloud Architects!

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