Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Stop wasting your budget and start serving the right marketing to the right customers. Generate higher ROI by knowing who to target, when and where to reach them, and which specific marketing efforts will most likely match their needs, behaviors, and preferences.

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Areas of Expertise

Customer Segmentation

Parse out tightly defined groups of customers and accurate personas so you can serve them precisely the product and marketing messages you know will drive action.

Customer Journey Mapping

Use hard data to formulate a top-to-bottom look at how customers are entering your sales funnel, who converts, why some are stuck, and how to stop the leaks.

Customer Value Analytics

Target the right customers, predict buying habits, and build their LTV by uncovering hidden customer data.

Campaign & Promotion Optimization

Finely tune your campaign creative, keywords, and CTAs to minimize CAC and CPC, maximize your conversions, and crush all your KPIs.

Marketing Mix Effectiveness

Gain a deeper understanding of which elements are driving engagement and conversions, even across platforms and previously siloed channels.

Test & Learn Modeling

Define test and learn strategies, create a centralized data platform, and allow rapid experimentation to understand customer behavior and buying probabilities.


  • Discover what factors actually drive customer activation & retention
  • Reduce acquisition costs and cost per click, boost conversions and lifetime value, and optimize your marketing budget
  • Whether you’re B2B or B2C, prioritize and retain your most valuable prospects
  • Gain control over omnichannel and hyper-personalized marketing
  • Combine data and attributions from different marketing platforms and across multiple campaigns to identify behaviors and drivers with the biggest ROI
  • Evaluate marketing efforts with control group methodology to prove causation and focus on what works
  • Simplify your complex data so you can evaluate millions of customers and thousands of data points to create actionable insights

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