Data APIs

Data APIs

Turn curated, meaningful data from various sources into better business decisions with KaizenDataLabs secure API offerings.

KaizenDataLabs Available APIs

Unlock your analytical horsepower with this secure suite of historical, up-to-date, and forecasted data.


Unlock insights on temperature, humidity, and precipitation related demand patterns with historical and forecasted weather data, gathered by longitude and latitude


Understand how GDP, CPI, population, and unemployment data impact longer term business trends


Reveal connections between national and local holidays around the globe and how they drive consumer behavior

College Football

Understand how team performance, rankings, and schedules impact demand and nearby businesses

Product Attribute

Uncover sales trends and how they are impacted by their product’s attributes vs. those of their competitors


Gain insight into the energy sector through natural gas and electricity prices

How Does it Work?

We acquire data from a variety of trusted data sources

We expose our portfolio of data to clients via our suite of secure APIs

We continuously update our data, ensuring API calls are met with relevant and granular data

Available APIs

Weather Data

Join decades of historical weather data with your company’s data to uncover patterns and trends of weather history on your business

Using our past and future weather API, prepare your business for potential disruptions and demand increases alongside historical weather changes

Use Cases

Historical Weather Forecasts

Historical daily forecasts (16 day snapshots) and hourly forecasts (48 hour snapshots) since 2017.

Available Historical Weather Forecasts API Data

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