Price Optimization

Price Optimization

Tame any uncertainty in your pricing with better intelligence and more accurate analysis. Custom price optimization solutions from Kaizen evaluate all possibilities to give you comprehensive result probabilities that make strategy decisions easier.


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Areas of Expertise

Assessments & Benchmarking

Knowing where to start - and what not to do - determines successful results. Kaizen’s experts evaluate your situation and guide you based on your unique goals, data-readiness, integrity and organization

Assessments & Benchmarking
  • Labor Cost Reporting & Analysis
  • Manufacturing Cost & Efficiency
  • Logistics Planning & Freight Savings
Variable Pricing

From simple to complex, develop pricing that aligns your customers’ value expectations with optimal pricing so you can maximize lifetime value

Variable Pricing
  • Dynamic 13-week Cash Flow Model
  • Accelerate Receivables
  • Prioritize Payables
Scenario Studies

Test ideas using accurate and detailed scenario studies with comprehensive internal and external forces (from weather to competitor moves) so you can set strategies with confidence.

Scenario Studies
  • Multi-Year Bottom-Up Budget Models
  • Fixed & Variable Cost Forecasting
  • Capital Planning
Complex Modeling

Kaizen’s experienced data teams can develop complex models that find the value hidden in your vast data sets with hundreds of variables so you can focus on finding the winning strategy .

Complex Modeling
  • Financial Dashboarding
  • Automation of Financial Reporting
  • Transaction detail analytics
Multi-Objective Optimization

We bring a more comprehensive perspective to the table through multi-objective optimization techniques. Our multi-dimensional approach ensures a balanced and informed strategy by looking at more than just two factors at once, such as revenue, profit and volume.

Multi-Objective Optimization
  • Month-Close Process Development
  • ERP System Improvement
  • Financial Data Transformations


  • Increase revenue and drive real dollar benefits to your bottom line and balance market share vs. profit objectives with demand elasticities
  • Leverage generative AI/ML to build advanced scenario modeling frameworks to test strategies against key decision drivers
  • Get guided team support with custom features and flexibility you won’t get from off-the-shelf SaaS products

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Our Promise


  • Rapid business benefits with Kaizen Agile approach
  • AWS & Microsoft vendor certifications
  • Rapid Cloud Migration Framework
  • Foster continuous improvement


  • Unmatched success in end-to-end execution
  • Realization of value against evolving project challenges
  • Experienced subject matter experts with both deep and broad skills


  • Flexible engagement models
  • Automation and orchestration of work product in proprietary Kaizen Delivery Platform
  • Client team buy-in / adoption / training
  • Leverage industry best practices – including what NOT to do

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