KaizenPriceTM, for Entertainment Operators recommends optimal pricing for your admission tickets, concessions, and merchandise to maximize your bottom line. It’s an easy to use product which utilizes your data and external data sourced from KaizenDatalabsTM to provide Fortune 100 insights at a fraction of the cost. 

How Does It Work?

We run our forecasting and pricing algorithms using numerous factors impacting your current and historical ticket, concessions, and merchandise sales, including:

  • National holidays
  • School calendars
  • Nearby events
  • Weather
  • Seasonality
KaizenPrice Funnel

What insights does it provide?


Price recommendations by day for all tickets, concessions & merchandise

“What-if” capability for testing different price points’ impact on demand and revenue


Quantifies the factors impacting your demand

Why Choose KaizenPriceTM?

  • Develop pricing strategies to drive revenue, profit, or attendance
  • Better understand where your attendance is heading to inform operational planning
  • Leverage pre-built visuals and reports to discover new insights, drive decisions and save time

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