Pricing College Football Tickets is No Easy Task:

  • Every game can make or break a season and significantly impact future ticket sales
  • Secondary markets are constantly in flux; ticket brokers capitalize on mispriced static primary market pricing
  • External factors like weather, opponent performance and local events can drastically influence attendance

Without a tool like KaizenPriceTM, many programs are unable to fully capitalize on the fluctuating market value of their ticket offerings. 

How Does It Work?

We run our forecasting and pricing algorithms using numerous factors impacting your current and historical ticket sales, including:

  • Opponent
  • Recent team performance
  • Team rankings
  • Game date and time
  • Nearby events
  • Weather
  • Secondary market trends
KaizenPrice Funnel

What insights does it provide?


Season and single game ticket price recommendations by stadium zone

“What-if” capability for testing different price points' impact on demand and revenue


Insightful visualizations on your historical data

Why Choose KaizenPriceTM?

  • Develop primary and secondary pricing strategies to drive revenue, profit, or attendance
  • Better understand where your attendance is heading to inform operational planning
  • Leverage pre-built visuals and reports to discover new insights, drive decisions and save time

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